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Burn & Trauma Unit

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Welcome to Shree Kalyan Multispeciality Hospital provides patients and their families with the highest level of specialised burn care.
We are dedicated to providing comprehensive burn care in a nurturing, compassionate, personal and hygienic environment.

Burn & Trauma Unit

A Burn is an injury caused by thermal, chemical, electrical or radiation energy while a scald is a burn caused by contact with a hot liquid or steam. The term ‘burn’ however is in general often used to include scalds.

Burns are one of the most devastating forms of trauma. Patients with serious burn injury require immediate specialised care in order to minimise the infection rates and mortality. Getting admitted at the earliest in a specialised burns unit after a burn injury is very important as the burn wounds get infected very fast if not taken care of immediately.

  • Acute burn treatment
  • Burn Outpatient Clinic
  • Treatment for other complex wounds