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Our Infrastructure

Labour Room

Best Labour Room Hospital in Raipur

A labour room, most importantly the environment is very crucial, most of the time most labour wards and delivery rooms remain unhygienic and unkept. A clean and healthy environment in which women can give birth to their babies, is extremely important for safe healthy deliveries. This is why the Shree Kalyan Multispeciality Hospital set out on a mission to make its delivery room one of the cleanest and well-maintained in Raipur.

Operation Theatre

Best Operation Theatre Hospital in Raipur

Shree Kalyan Multispeciality Hospital facilities boast of highly equipped, advanced and sterile operation theatres. The safety of the patient in the operating room commences before the patient enters the operation theatre. OT temperature and humidity is regulated from time to time to keep the environment healthy for speedy recovery.


Best ICU Hospital in Raipur

Intensive care units (ICUs) are specialist hospital wards that provide treatment and monitoring for people who are very ill. They're staffed with specially trained healthcare professionals and contain sophisticated monitoring equipment.

Patients on an ICU will be looked after closely by a team of ICU staff and will be connected to equipment by a number of tubes, wires and cables. There will normally be 1 nurse for every 1 or 2 patients.

Emergency Ward / Casulty

Best Emergency Care Hospital in Raipur

The term “Casualty” literally means an injured person. The casualty department is many a time also called as Accident or Emergency department (ED) or Emergency ward (EW). This is because patients usually present themselves without prior appointment, either on their own or by ambulance.

Casualty at Shree Kalyan Multispeciality Hospital provides EMS for a broad range of injuries and illnesses. The department is well equipped with all emergency drugs.

General Ward

Best General Ward Hospital in Raipur

The General Ward at Shree Kalyan Multispeciality Hospital comprises of 50 beds with various equipment available as and when required. our fully-equipped inpatient departments fitted with bedside central supply of oxygen & vacuum.

Our dedicated staff and IPD counselor are always at your service, and can be contacted if you require any assistance regarding the hospital- from payment process to location of the canteen.

Female Ward

Best Female / Maternity Ward Hospital in Raipur

Female Ward at Shree Kalyan Multispeciality Hospital is fully equipped with advanced medical facilities and doctors on hand at the time of requirement. It is also known as Delivery Suite or Obstetric unit.

The highly qualified obstetricians in the hospital will there to look after the problems develop during labor. If patient develops any complications, the obstetric team will be there in the ward for 24hours a day to support and care. With the healthcare professionals and supporting staffs, the ward is maintained safe and secure for the women during childbirth.


Best Pathology Hospital in Raipur

At Shree Kalyan Multispeciality Hospital, the laboratory services range from routine blood tests – such as total cholesterol, Pap test and white blood cell count – to complex, gene-based, line probe assay and microbial identifications. The lab unit performs medical tests that aid in the diagnosis or detection of diseases, measure the progress or recovery from a disease or confirm that an individual is free from disease.


Best Radiology Hospital in Raipur

Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at Shree Kalyan Multispeciality Hospital is dedicated to improving and enhancing patient care in a safe and efficient manner.

The entire gamut of services include neurologic, head and neck, cardiac, vascular, abdominal, musculoskeletal, paediatric and women’s imaging. Specialized interventional radiology procedures for all body organs are provided by the well-experienced radiologists at Shree Kalyan Multispeciality Hospital .


Best Pharmacy Hospital in Raipur

Our Pharmacy is the hub of our hospital, where we carry more than 2,000 branded and generic products. Whether for everyday health needs or more specialized purposes, our staff is trained to help you get what you need. Our pharmacist can answer your questions and offer advice on how to make the most of your medication, and our consultation rooms offer a quiet place to talk about any problem or concern.


Best Infrastructure Hospital in Raipur

Our Hospital provides medical services to cater to the comprehensive health care needs of patients. Our spacious premises offer multiple surgical and non-surgical facilities, staffed by a team of qualified medical specialists, who are masters in their field. With our patient-friendly approach, we provide quick service delivery above all else, thus ensuring that treatment is administered in a time-bound manner. We also follow stringent quality checks for all of our tests and treatments to ensure that they are carried out without the slightest compromise on quality. It is this commitment that keeps us at the forefront of healthcare facilities at locations like Raipur


Best Infrastructure Hospital in Raipur

At Shree Kalyan Multispeciality Hospital we keep your safety in mind. As soon as you step into our hospital, your shoes are sterilized, you walk on thick sanitary mats, and the reception is fully sanitized.

Shree Kalyan Multispeciality Hospital is a well known medical care center, where people from all over can receive health care. We maintain strict sanitary conditions in the hospital by installing High-end cleaning Management System which is used for hospital maintenance works.

Waiting Area

Best Infrastructure Hospital in Raipur

Whether you're coming in for a routine checkup, or to get an emergency procedure, you can rest easy with us. Our waiting room is fully sanitized and cleaned, our instruments are all sterile, and each exam table is brand new. Come see why so many Houston residents choose us for their medical needs.